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Welcome To TRH's Wrestling World!!!!!

Survivor Series poster. Welcome to my site!! I dont cover the INDY leagues just the WWF/Alliance. If anyone finds a better site e-mail me telling me what it is so I can check it out and see why it is better then mine. I am trying to make the best site. But so are so many others so I doubt mine is. I am always up to suggestions from anyone so e-mail them to me. Unfortunately NO NUDITY. If you want it go somewhere else cause I dont have it. To e-mail me go to my contact page and send me an e-mail.
Check out all of my stuff. It is worth it!!!

Yesterdays Raw results are up and tonght or tomorrow SmackDown! results will be up. No other new updates yet i still neeed to update title histories and that is it so far.
Keep on enjouing the site!


Awesome RVD pic. Everyone I only need to make the WCW Tile Histories Page. I got my contact page done so tell me what you think. My HHH page is completly done. I might add a pic or two more of him though cause I can. I will add a pics page soon but first i will add the WCW title histories. I will do SmackDown! results tonight and tomorrow. Keep visiting and check out all my stuff!!!

TRH's Wrestling 2!!!!!!!
My second site. Has what this one doesnt.